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Take Action!
For Adult Education in Lousiana

Over the last year, LAPCAE has been working diligently to promote adult education programs and students. Now it is time for us to begin promoting the field of adult education with our local and state officials to expand understanding of adult education and how our programs impact individual communities and the state as a whole. We are proud to announce that we will be launching several “3-Click” campaigns, similar to the ones you receive from COABE, to educate our local and state officials about adult education, emphasize the importance of our field, and eventually advocate for more funding. 

Help us let our elected officials know that adult education is important. By sending an email, you can tell lawmakers what adult education encompasses and the impact it has on our communities. We need to make our collective voice heard! It’s time to take action, and that starts with you. 

Add your voice to raise the awareness of Adult Education in Louisiana by taking just a few minutes to send emails to your legislators using the 3-Click Campaign. Small actions can result in big changes. Please add your name today to support our organization’s efforts to make a difference.